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Best Free Image Editor

Enjoy with Akick Image Editor Tool. With best free image editing software, you can get much more facility. Just re-craft your new imagination into real one by creating and editing your picture. It is enriched with many features that help you to show your creativity. However, the free photo editing software carries several options inside to re-create your picture anywhere anytime with more clarity. Undoubtedly, the ultimate image editor is not so far from your reach.

Apply textures and paint.

Tons of photo effects and filters.

Support all popular image formats.

one of the best image edit software.

Crop, rotate, resize and flip photos fast.

Image Editor Features

  • Make your imagination real with Image Editor

    Our latest software is the globally leading image editor tool that is used to create and re-edit your image, photo artistically. In addition, this software tool is 100% safe from the recently discovered threats and virus. Even, no experience is required for a novice user to re-craft their new imagination into a real one.

  • Special effects

    There are tons of function inside Akick image Editor Tool that creates special effects for any file formats.

    Gradients, Textures and patterns

    You will be amazed at how this software tool is enriched with a variety of patterns, textures and gradients. You can easily use these varieties of textures, gradients and patterns that come with the software, creates a new one on your own.

    Tools for precision repair and editing

    With this software, you can easily perform precision repair on the image, photo using stunning, colorful graphics. The graphic tool easily supports better transparency, gradients, textures and patterns.

  • This software is easily installed; it is installed in the system compatible with all latest versions of operating system including:

    1. Windows XP Service Pack 3
    2. Windows Vista Service Pack 1
    3. Windows 7 or Windows 8

  • Image Editor Snapshot

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    image editor software

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  • Details

    This software is used to create, edit pictures easily. However, any novice user can easily handle this software. This software is blended with many options that help you to re-create your photo anywhere anytime with transparency. Just install this lightest image editor tool to show your own creativity and re-craft your new imagination into the real one.

Tons of attractive image with right software

Compare Features

free image editing software
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Special effects.
Easy picture browser.
Textures, gradients and patterns.
Support of many picture file types.
Tools for precision repairs and editing.
Converting pictures files types(formats).
Advanced Image editing tool and functions.