Akick Image Editor FAQ

  • What is ‘Akick Image Editor’?

    - ‘Akick Image Editor’ is a Software in which we can perform various operations related with image Enhancement as Resize, Crop, Filters, Brightness, Hue, Saturation, Auto Correct, Redeye Removal, Gray Scale, Tint, Temperature with Zoom, flip and rotate features.

  • What is the cost of full version of ‘Akick Image Editor’?

    - The cost of the full version of ‘AKick Image Editor’ is $9.99

  • How to install Akick Image Editor?

    - Click the Image Editor icon in the desktop to install the software.

    (i) - A Pop up will Appear(See the below Image), Now Click on Next

    (ii) - Now Licence Form will appear, Just Click on I agree to Accept the EULA.

    (iii) - Now, Choose the Destination folder path for the executable and Click on Install button.

    (iv) - Software will install in your destination folder that you choose before. Now, Software will Install the .net framework in your computer if you don`t have.

    (v) - After Downloading of .net framework, Installation will be Completed.

  • How to uninstall Akick Image Editor?

    - (i) Go to "Start" button, click on it then you will see control panel option on the right hand side.
    (ii) Click on control panel, you will find "Programs" with the option of "uninstall a program" from where you can uninstall/remove it.

  • Can I use my 'Single license' on all my machines?

    - One subscription of “Akick Image Editor” for only one device, so that you can protect your device easily.

  • I've registered your software, but I've lost my registration details - What now?

    - Check your email-id that you have registered in the “Akick Image Editor” will find the registration number details there in email, Still there is no email then you can call us on our Toll free number. 1800-813-3481 (24*7)

  • Can I order by fax or phone?

    - Yes, you can call or email with an agent for the fastest way to get your order. Tel: 1800-813-3481 (24*7)
    Fax: 800-813-3481

  • Can I pay via PayPal?

    - Yes, you can pay via PayPal, credit cards and debit card.

  • The product tells me that I have few trial days left, but I have already bought my license? What can I do about this?

    - You can call or email our customer care agent to solve your all issues. Customer care agent will help to solve your issues and problem with no waiting time.

  • I want to re-install my software?

    -Make sure software is completely uninstalled before re-installation.
    (i) Go to "Start" button, click on it then you will see control panel option on the right hand side.
    (ii) Click on control panel, you will find "Programs" with the option of "uninstall a program" from where you can uninstall/remove it.
    (iii) After uninstallation directly click on the install button icon to re-install.

  • The message "User Name and License Code do not match" What can I do?

    - You can check your email or you can call our customer care number toll-free. Tel: 1800-813-3481 (24*7)

  • How to use the Open icon in the software?

    - Open icon is used to select the picture from the computer to edit in the picture.

  • What is the role of Rotate Clockwise?

    - Rotate Clockwise is used to perform rotation in clockwise direction with 90 degree angle as Top, Right, Bottom, Left to improve the view of Image.

  • What is the use of Resize in the image editor?

    - The Resize help us to change the size of the image as per your requirement. As given below you may change the size with Predefined size of documents, Percentage Wise and you may give the custom width and height too

  • What is the use of the color balance in image editor?

    - Color Balance is used to provide the balance of Red, Green and Blue component of Color.

  • What is the use of select Tab in the Image Editor?

    - It help us to draw the different Shapes in different color as rectangle, line, ellipse and brush. First click the Select tab then there you will see different options to draw on image. Color Picker and Select color is providing the color feature to the software.

  • What is the use of Filter Tab in the Image Editor?

    - After Selecting filter tab you will get the following filters :







    Gaussian Blur

    For any other query Kindly call our Customer Care on our toll-free 1800-813-3481(24*7).