Company Evolution and Growth

With the objective to complete the journey of simplifying lives and achieving success, AKick Private Ltd. grew its roots in the year 2015. Being Daughter Company of GA Technocare Technology Pvt. Ltd., AKick started the designing and development of IT security products along with the application software as well.
Let us take a glance at its evolution and growth

The Year, 2015:

AKick establishes its base, the headquarter office in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Development of first security software starts in March 2015.

AKick Total Security and Antivirus software released.

Application software; All-in-one Document Converter rolls out overseas.

New upgrades with bug fixes and latest versions releases.

Release of other application software products.

Sales and Support department comes into operation at headquarter.

The Year, 2016:

Another branch office is incorporated by GA Technocare Technology at Bangalore, India.

Data Recovery Software released in the month of August.

A sum total of 6 software products has been developed and released with other software projects in progress.