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Password Safety

Password Safeguard is one of the best tools used to save or store your password in a database. This useful program is specially designed to help people store safely valuable information. It protects system users from unnecessary headaches caused by lost passwords, forgotten access codes and other confidential data. This software will surely help you out to securely store all your passwords, logins, PIN codes and any other confidential information in one place.

User friendly tool.

Safe from harmful virus.

Maintain your password privacy.

100% safe password for future use.

Maintain multiple password in database.

Password Safeguard Features

  • About Password Safeguard

    Our latest designed product is the globally leading Password Safeguard that is used to automatically save your multiple passwords in a database of your computer. In addition, this software will help you out to find your forgotten password, Logins, PIN codes etc on time. However, this software is completely safe and does not allow unauthorized access.

  • Impossible for hacking attempt

    Due to high level of encryption, no one can breach your confidential information.

    User-Friendly Tool

    Its friendly user interface that allow to safely recover your forgotten password, logins, PIN codes at any time.

    Fast processing while locking and unlocking

    Fast Processing features allow locking and unlocking your information and data in a minute.

  • This software is easily installed; it is installed in the system compatible with all latest versions of operating system including:

    1. Windows XP Service Pack 3
    2. Windows Vista Service Pack 1
    3. Windows 7 or Windows 8

  • Password Safeguard Snapshot

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  • Details

    The Password Safeguard Tool is used to keep your all data or password safe from unauthorized access. In addition, it is very much user-friendly and you can use it for locking any kind of confidential information. However, it is impossible to hack your data due to its high-level encryption.

Smart tool that makes simpler to save dozens of password!

Compare Features

Overall data protection.
Secured from latest virus.
Maintain password privacy.
Rapid reaction to latest virus.
System compatibility on latest windows.
Fast processing of locking and unlocking.
Ability to storage of unlimited password, login.