Akick Data Recovery

Data Recovery

How to Recover your Data

When you accidentally delete your important data files or forget to save a back up of the same before erasing them from your computer, USB drives, SD card, hard drives or any other storage device, an efficient data recovery tool comes in great use to recover them back on your device.

Automatic and instant file recovery.

User-friendly and intuitive interface.

One can view the entire list of deleted files before recovery.

Recovers data of multiple file formats like DOC, AVI, MP3, etc.

Recovers files from various file systems such as FAT, NTFS, ext2, etc.

Data Recovery Features

  • About Data Recovery

    Our latest developed product; Akick Data Recovery software is marking its position in worldwide market of IT security solutions and products. It brings in all the latest features you have been looking for, to recover your lost or erased data from any specific device.

  • Quick Recovery

    Gives an extraordinary performance in recovering recently deleted data, which other free data recovery software fail to do.

    Supports multiple file formats

    Securely recovers a wide variety of file types, for example, DOC, HTML, AVI, MP3, JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, and so forth.

    Easy to Use

    One can recover all the deleted files with one single click, being able to view the entire list of the files before recovery.

  • This software is easily installed; it is installed in the system compatible with all latest versions of operating system including:

    1. Windows XP Service Pack 3
    2. Windows Vista Service Pack 1
    3. Windows 7 or Windows 8

  • Data Recovery Snapshot

  • Details

    Incorporated with the handiest features and an advanced data file recovery system, AKick Data Recovery software saves you from chaos when you accidentally delete or lose your important data files from any storage device. Without much of a stretch, this software has a considerable number of elements to offer both the amateurs as well as specialists.

Let's take a look at the latest features of AKick Data Recovery Software

Compare Features

Automatic and instant file recovery.
Can view the deleted files list before recovery.
Recovers any type of files from any storage device.
Allow up to 2 files recoverable on free trial.
Recovers unlimited files from multiple storage devices.
Deep scanning of entire storage device & disks.
Recovers files from various file systems like FAT, NTFS, etc.
Recovery of multiple file formats like DOC, PNG, MP3, etc.
Recovers recently and previously deleted files.