Akick Data Recovery

  • What is the cost of full version of Akick Data Recovery?

    - The cost of the activated version of Akick Data Recovery is $99.99 .

  • How to Install Akick Data Recovery?

    - Just double click on the Setup File of Akick Data Recovery.

    (i) - A Pop up will Appear(See the below Image), Now Click on OK

    (ii) - Now Licence Form will appear, Just Click on I agree to Accept the EULA.

    (iii) - Now, Choose the Destination folder path for the executable and Click on Next button.

    (iv) - Software will install in your destination folder that you choose before. Now, Software will Install the .net framework in your computer if you don`t have.

    (v) - After Downloading of .net framework, Installation will be Completed.

  • How to Uninstall Akick Data Recovery?

    - (i) Go to "Start" button, click on it then you will see control panel option on the right hand side.

    (ii) Choose “Programs and Features” option. Then, select the Akick Data recovery software. Just right click on it, you will get the option of uninstalling the software. Click on it, it will uninstall directly.

  • How does it Akick Data Recovery works?

    - First, it scans the PC and discovers erased files and then restores it back on your PC.

  • Can I use my 'Single license' on all my machines?

    - Single License key will work only on a single computer.

  • Is this software easily recovers all types of file?

    - Yes, this software easily recovers all types of file.

  • I've registered your software, but I've lost my registration details - What now?

    - You need to contact our Akick support team to find activation key Toll free: 1800-813-3481 (24*7)

  • Can I place the order by email or phone?

    - Yes, you can simply call or fax us to get the order as early as possible. Toll-free: 1800-813-3481 (24*7)
    Fax: 800-813-3481

  • Can I pay via PayPal?

    - Yes, you can pay via PayPal credit card and debit cards.

  • The product indicates me that I have few days’ trial left, but I have already bought my license? What should I do now?

    - You can call us on 1800-813-3481 or email (support@akick.com) our customer care agent are 24/7 available to help you.

  • I want to re-install my Akick Data Recovery?

    - Make sure software is completely uninstalled before re-installation.

    (i) Go to "Start" button, click on it then you will see control panel option on the right hand side.

    (ii) Click on control panel, you will find "Programs" with the option of "uninstall a program" from where you can uninstall/remove it.
    (iii) After uninstallation directly click on the install button icon to re-install.

  • What is the actual use of Akick Data Recovery?

    - It is basically created to recover lost and deleted files from the specific device. Initially, it scans the PC gently, then discovers all the erased files and finally restores them back on your PC.

  • Is Akick Data Recovery necessary for my PC?

    - Yes, if someone gets his important data missing or deleted, then it is indeed necessary.

  • Is there any risk while downloading a software application through the website?

    - You should consider trusted source to download software application to keep in mind the security concerns and to protect against viruses and spyware.

  • How can I check if Akick Data Recovery is registered to me?

    - Click on the activate button to check the Registered id name by putting 16 digit registration number.