• Can I pay via PayPal?

    A - Yes you can pay via PayPal, credit cards and debit card.

  • How do I restore a file deleted by AKick Antivirus?

    A - Click the Quarantine icon button and there you will find the Restore icon, select the program and select restore or remove.

  • The product tells me that I have few trial days left, but I have already bought my license? What can I do about this?

    A - You can call us Tel: 1800-813-3481 (24*7) or email (support@akick.com)(24*7)our customer care agent to solve your all issues.

  • I want to re-install my software?

    A - Make sure software is closed.

    (i) Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features.

    (ii) Select a program, and then click Uninstall or change button software will re-install Automatically.

  • The message "User Name and License Code do not match" What can I do?

    A - You can check your email or you can call our customer care number toll-free.
    Tel: 1800-813-3481 (24*7)

  • What is the use of History icon in AKick Antivirus?

    A - History Tab sHow you details of scan and virus in the device which help the device to check the time and date of the scan.

  • What is the role of Real time protection?

    A - Click on the setting Tab then you will get the real time protection icon. The main use of this tab is to know the setting of scan date by date.

  • How can I check if AKick Antivirus is registered to me?

    A - Click on the activate button to check the Registered id name by put 16 digit registration number.

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